Here are the steps for your entry.

All passengers and crew arriving in French Polynesia must have a valid passport showing tourist visas, if necessary. You must ensure that all visas were given before entering French Polynesia.
Note that non-citizens of the European community who intend to stay in French Polynesia for more than 3 months must obtain a long stay visa and it must be obtained at least 3 months before date of arrival. The visa must be requested at the French embassy or consulate in the country of origin. The documents must be recovered by the holder of the visa in person.

Note that all weapons, ammunition, alcohol, tobacco and all goods must be reported to your entry. For the police at the first port of call, the following information is requested:
– Details of passenger and crew list including names, dates and places of birth, nationality, passport number
– Information on arrivals and departures, including flight information for passengers and / or arrival of the team and / or withdrawal
– A complete list of goods on board including weapons, ammunition, alcohol, tobacco, animals, plants, fruits, etc. …
– A valid passport showing entry visas for all passengers and crew on arrival by customs authorities.
leave to supply

Also note that for the purchase of fuel you will need to complete the paperwork for provisioning authorization and declaration of final exit at checkout.

Regulations for recreational vessels applicable in French Polynesia (.pdf)

Direction Marina Services

MARINA TAINA eules or visit online Here.

Service des Douanes (Customs) :

Tel 50.55.50

Bureau Maritime

Tel 42.40.74

Gendarmerie Nationale (Police)

>> Brigade de Papeete : 46.73.67
>> Brigade de Punaauia : 50.76.05

Port Authority :

47.48.00 / 50.54.50 / 42.12.12
Direction de la Police aux Frontières de Polynésie Française (PAF) : 42.40.74