Rules of Marina Taina


Article 1 – Object
This document outlines the guidelines in respect to users of the Marina Taina, and the conditions of access and use of facilities, tools, or services of the marina which has been leased by the Port of Papeete to Marine Services.  It specifiers precautions against fire and for environmental protection.

For the record, the code of French Polynesia ports applies to Marina Taina in the subsequent articles, Marina Services means the direction of SRL Marina Services.


Article 2: Access to the Marina
Access is controlled at the Marina 24/24h by Marina Services and is reserved primarily for owners of vessels with a sticker, and customers with various activities based in the Marina area (restaurants, services, etc …) However, when the parking area is full, Marina Services may deny access to the interior of the marina. The portal is closed from 10:30pm to 5:00am.

Proper attire is required of any person accessing the Marina. The parking of vehicles in the Marina is only allowed in areas reserved for that purpose, otherwise, tickets will be issued by the Port Authority. Users who do not comply with this obligation could be subsequently denied access to their vehicle in the marina after formal notice in writing. The maximum speed on the marina grounds is 30km / h. Parking vehicles longer than one week must be approved by Marina Services.


Article 3: PRIORITY
A vessel leaving its berth out of the marina has priority over boats returning.

Article 4: Speed
The speed in the Marina is limited to 3 knots.  In a radius of 100 meters around the Marina, this speed is 5 knots.

Docking priority at the service station pontoon is in the order in which vessels arrive.  In case of dispute, the head of the station himself will indicate the vessel that will dock first.


The placement of boats dockside, on mooring buoys, or on trailers on the grounds of the Marina, is provided by Marina Services.

Article 7 – MOORING – TACKLE
Berth or Dock
7.1: Each berth, whether in the dock or floating dock inside is numbered. The tenant of a position must necessarily moor the vessel to the post he was assigned.
7.2: The boats are moored perpendicular to the dock or floating dock and a weighted rope connecting the end of the vessel to the seed.
This mooring will be reinforced and verified by the user in case of bad weather forecast.
7.3: The mooring buoy shall contain no floating or floating ropes that may clog the water.
7.4: The supply and installation of mooring lines to the incumbent tenant who will assure maintenance and accountability.
In case of failure of the mooring of his vessel, the tenant is required to comply with the instructions of the concessionaire of the Marina.
7.5: Vessels moored at the dock and exterior pontoon will be moored so that whatever the wind, rain and waves, the vessel will be held in place sufficient to prevent slippage or shifting that could cause damage to third parties.
7.6: Each vessel at its berth should be fitted with bumpers of the proper size and in sufficient numbers on each side.
7.7: The tenant of a berth should complete and keep constantly up to date an individual profile record that is retained by Marina Services and which indicates contact information including postal, telephone and electronic details to permit the tenant to be reached at any time.
In case of the tenant’s physical absence, the individual record will mention the person responsible for the vessel, with their coordinates, who can respond quickly when needed. The individual profile record shall be countersigned by that person and delivered to Marina Services.
7.8: In case of the announcement of a major storm or cyclone, it is recommended to all vessel owners to take all appropriate measures to evacuate the vessel out of the marina facilities and put it in a safe place.

Article 8: Delivery of places
Places are allocated by Marina Services.
The location of the position to be occupied by each boat, whatever the intended duration of stay in port, is absolutely fixed by Marina Services. The allocation of available positions is performed within the limits of available positions in order of registration on the waiting lists.
 No location is permanently assigned, Marina Services reserves the right in case of need to change the placeholder.

Article 9:
 The queue for a place on the dock or mooring buoys, on land on a trailer or alternative,  will be managed in order to register the application with a deposit of 5000F. The validity of the request is returned.  In the absence of withdrawal, the deposit is not refunded and the status of registration is lost.

12 lists will be established and kept current by Marina Services based on the following criteria:
List No. 1: vessels of 5 to <17 feet (will routinely be parked on a trailer or on the racks of the future dry dock)
List No. 2: boats moored on buoys <49 feet
List No. 3: boats moored on buoys 49 feet to 69 feet
List No. 4: boats 17 to 20 feet
List No. 5: boats 20 to 23 feet
List No. 6: boats 23 to 26 feet
List No. 7: boats 26 to 31 feet
List No. 8: boats 31 to 36 feet
List No. 9: boats 42 to 51 feet
List No. 11: boats 51 to 60 feet
List No. 12: boats over 60 feet

Priority will be given to people wishing to book for a full year or soliciting a simple site change.
Waiting lists are searchable by category in a register in the office of chief operating officer of Marina Services. 
No place for inhabited vessels will be granted if the maximum number of inhabited vessels as fixed in Article 21 of this regulation is reached.

Article 10: General Services
Apart from the general services available to all clients of the Marina, the services provided at the expense of Marina Services involve the supply of fresh water for refueling and supply of electricity reserved for specific uses such as: illumination board, battery charging, small tools. 
No boat can remain unoccupied and connected to the electricity supply grid without the permission of Marina Services.
Use of sanitation facilities is restricted to clients of the Marina.  Access is provided via a magnetic card granted with a deposit for the first badge in the office of the operator or in exchange for a deposit for passing boats.

Table of keys:
  Depositing keys with Marina Services does not engage the responsibility of the Directorate for the consequences of their use made with the consent of the owner.

Article 11: Interim Parking of boats and trailers (outside of places allocated by subscription)
The parking in Marina Taina can not be used for storage of trailers without the approval of Marina Services
11.1 – Temporary parking spaces will be granted only by Marina Services and for a fixed period to allow all users to take advantage of any stay on land for simple and brief maintenance of their boat, to the exclusion of fairing operations (antifouling …)
11.2 – For annual renters on the dock or onshore, on-ground parking will be free for a period of one week a year, during which time the space left vacant on the water may be re-rented if necessary. To benefit from this offer, haul-out and put-in dates must be reported to management of the Marina at least one week before the desired date to help organize and book the space needed. The parking lot of the boat will be determined by the management of the marina.

Article 12: Using boat ramps to the water
12.1 – The use of boat ramps to the water is strictly reserved for customers of the marina. The permissions that are given exceptionally by Marina Services to outside users will be billed at the rates in force.
12.3 – The cost of crane and handling are the responsibility of the owners. Calibration and referral boats are on their own responsibility.

Article 13 – Contact with the tenant. – Insurance
Vessels staying in the Marina must have a mandatory insurance, liability up to date with at least the following risks:
– Damage to the port works, whatever the nature (either by vessel or by users)
– Both material and physical damage caused to third parties within the port (including those arising from the burning of the vessel or the oil spill on the water, salvage and wreck removal in case of being wrecked in the port).

Article 14 – Cyclones and storms
If there is an announcement of a strong storm or hurricane, it is recommended to all vessel owners to take all appropriate measures to evacuate the vessel out of the marina facilities and put it in a safe place.


Article 15 – General
It is strictly forbidden to leave in any area of the marina, either on land or on the water, any substance, product, or any object that may cause pollution.

Article 16 – Oil
Fuels, lubricants and oils from engines should in no case be dumped in the sea.
In case of incorrect operation causing a spill, the person in charge must be alerted to take necessary measures to fight against pollution. The costs incurred are charged to the responsible for the pollution.

Article 17 – Chemicals
In no case shall chemicals from chemical toilets or laundry be dumped in the water.
The use of a washing machine on board is prohibited within the confines of the Marina.

Article 18 – Feces and organic materials – garbage
Waste water from toilets can not be discharged into the lagoon, the use of toilets on board is strictly prohibited, users and owners of vessels should always use the sanitary facilities on land, except for vessels with holding tanks that can be drained by Marina Services.
  Any breach of this requirement will result in immediate expulsion of the defaulting owner from the Marina.

Article 19 – Special bins available
The garbage and waste of all kinds from vessels must be deposited in plastic bags in the bins that are reserved for this purpose onshore.
Users must respect the rules of depositing their waste of all kinds, now or hereafter enacted, to improve the protection of the environment (green bins, gray containers, special containers for batteries, oils, batteries … etc.).
The regular collection of bins will be organized by the Marina.


Article 20 – Security
In case of fire aboard a vessel, besides the vessel’s own safety equipment, the Marina has a number of fire extinguishers for use by owners.
It is recommended to learn in advance about their handling and use.
It is strictly forbidden to have fire on vessels (barbecue) and ashore on the docking facilities near vessels.

Article 21 – Residence on vessels
The residence on vessels must first be approved by the head of the Marina, and in the limit of 50 berths (excluding at anchor);
This residence on vessels are subject to the payment of a separate extra “holiday” charge.

In any case, laundry is not to be dried on the exterior of the vessel dockside (docks, pontoon).  Residents should contact the manager who will give them a venue for that purpose.

The residence is permitted on board the vessel owner, subletting or use of the vessel as a dwelling rented by the owner to a third party is prohibited unless approved by exception by Marina Services.

Article 22 – Dress – Noisy events
Proper attire is required at all times in the Marina and on the deck of vessels.
Any noisy events or activities are prohibited between 9:00pm and 7:00 am.  Radio and television must likewise be kept at low volume levels between the hours indicated above.
Similarly, out of courtesy, it is recommended to avoid playing amplification devices at high volume levels (sound systems of boats, cars, …).

Article 23 – Electricity
Connecting vessels to the electrical system of the Marina and on the boat dock.
The level of power requested should be communicated to the Marina management. The fee will depend on the power required.
It is absolutely forbidden for users of the Marina to connect upstream security systems or open electrical boxes existing on the docks and along the quays.

Article 24 – Appearance of vessels
The vessels must be seaworthy and possess the appropriate licenses. Vessels must be kept in good state of appearance. The paint must be repainted as often as necessary. The sails should be folded. Tents and sun visors must be in good condition.

Vessels must be equipped with an identification plate bearing their name or registration number.

Any vessel that fails to meet this obligation will be expelled from the Marina after formal notice in writing.

Article 25 – Degradation
Any damage caused to facilities and berthing structures must be reported immediately to the head of the Marina.  The party responsible for the damage will be required to immediately repay the amount of compensation and costs of repairs.

Article 26 – Claim
Any complaint by users is to be communicated to the management of Marina Taina, in case of dissatisfaction with the treatment received, a signed record, regularly consulted by the regulator (Port Autonome de Papeete) is available to users.

Article 27 – Exclusion
Any breach of these regulations will result in written notification by the head of the Marina.
Any serious or repetitive breach will result in exclusion from the Marina, pronounced by the concessionaire, and the Port Authority will be informed.

Article 28 – Disturbance
In no case shall complaints be accepted from users that may arise from maintenance, construction or modernization carried out in the Marina and its dependencies.


Article 29 – Pricing
The rates for users of the Marina Taina are set by the Port Authority of Papeete. These rates are displayed by Marina Services visibly in several places within the confines of the Marina and are also available on the website of the Marina and the Port Authority at

These rates are based as follows:
– The type of occupation of the site: berth, on a trailer, at anchor (or dry dock)
– Class and size of the vessel, determined by the overall length with a specific category for catamarans.
  The baseline measurement is the actual overall length. Vessels whose length exceeds the maximum value in the category corresponding to their actual length. The overall length is determined by the maximum longitudinal size of the boat, including balconies, rudder, bowsprit, Z-drive motor and outboard, trailer included. In case of dispute about the size, direction of the Marina will conduct an audit by measuring the boat itself. This measure may be an adjustment based on changes in the boat without retroactive effect on the previous regulations.

Any business benefits realized at the site of the Marina Taina, either ad hoc or regular, must be authorized by Marina Services and will be subject to a contract with Marina Services and previously approved by the Port Authority.

Article 30 – Payment
Fees are payable in advance for the current month under the terms of their contracts. Except for vessels transiting, the site reservation is granted for an indefinite period.  Regular late payments or a payment three months late will allow the Marina to unilaterally terminate the contract and award the space to another boater and make it available.

Article 31 – Amendment to Contract
Any request to change the contract or for cancellations must be made in writing or email.
The space in question can in no case be a transfer of right of the holder of the benefit of the new owner. Berthing fees are allocated to the tenant (natural or legal person) and not a boat, the new owner of a boat that has been sold does not enjoy the rights of berthing previously allocated to the boat.
In case of multiple owners of a vessel, one of the owners or legal person having the greatest percentage of the capital vessel will be designated as responsible for the boat and be the tenant under contract, the entire moorage will be sought. However, the tenant under the contract will be included on the latter, the identity of other co-owners will be the responsibility of the tenant location. Any modification of the terms of co-owner will result in a contract amendment. In case of sale of the boat, only the co-owners named in the original contract will keep the enjoyment of the unique emplacement.  The date of the contract or addendum thereto to “end the priority of co-owners boaters inscribed on the waiting list for the award of another place.

The management of the Marina is the only authority for the determination of places in case of fraudulent intent of the co-owners. In case of death of the policyholder, the marina BINIC authorizes submission of contract to surviving spouses or children.
Any misrepresentation by the user will automatically break the contract.

Article 32 – Breach of contract
Marina Services reserves the right, in case of non-observance of rules of procedure to terminate the Contract at any time by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt and demand the immediate departure of the boat: if necessary, the boat can be put ashore at the expense and risk of the space tenant.
Marina Services reserves the right to refuse any vessel, if the buoyancy is not satisfactory and if the condition can become a source of problem for port infrastructure, except for vessels in trouble (in danger, in a state of damage).

It is reiterated that vessels staying in port should be kept in a state of good repair, buoyancy and safety. Similarly, the direction of the Marina can refuse to let a boat depart, if the owner has not paid mooring fees.
Any false statement concerning the characteristics of the tenant’s boat can cause the automatic termination of the lease, without exempting the signer of the total payment amounts for which they subscribed.

Article 33 – Harbor Master Communication
– During the hours of opening: the manager can be reached at:
>> By VHF channel 9 for incoming and outgoing vessels
>> By telephone at 41 02 25

– Outside of office hours
>>Tel 78 92 46 extreme emergencies

These Regulations which may be amended in accordance with the Port Authority of Papeete are available at the office of chief operating officer of Marina Services and online at Marina Taina on

*This is an unofficial translation.  For the official rules text visit Règlement intérieur de la Marina Taina.