Dry dock

Marina Taina will soon have a new service: dry dock.

A new generation of marina
State-of-the-art, with unlimited number of sorties optional
In the water in less than 5 minutes

Additional Service

Rinse your hull and motor after each sortie


Your boat is in the water and ready to use in less than 5 minutes, sometimes faster than on a mooring!


Your boat requires less maintenance and has reduced damage risk: no osmosis, moisture, anti-fouling, anodes…


Our racks are closed and secured.  No more vandalism or lines that comes loose on a stormy night.


Your boat is available 7 days a week.  No waiting lists.

What are the advantages of a dry dock?

-The hulls do not deteriorate (no barnacles, etc. …)
-No risk of sinking
-No risk of boats bumping into each other
-No problems with corrosion or electrolysis
-No risk of osmosis
-Boats stored on-site
-Launching / Hauling out included in price

Ecology and the Environment

Water activities have an impact on the environment and the lagoon. The use and maintenance of boats, still more, help to degrade the quality of port waters and the wider coastal waters.

Eager to preserve this fragile environment, our dry dock is part of the process of sustainable development: the washing and technical area is equipped with a system for collecting and processing runoff and waste, limiting water consumption.

All wash water and runoff from the technical area is collected in a tank to be treated and recycled. The unit is equipped with a system of separation of all waste in suspension, all hydrocarbons, which will be recovered by a specialized company. The clean, treated water is then returned to the boat washing circuit. Water loss, minimal, is replaced via a rainwater collector installed nearby: Water autonomy is ensured, thereby making our contribution to sustainable development.

Marina Taina Contract

Marina Taina Contract (French) (.pdf 90 Kb)